Info on Hacking Challenge

Do you know your way around computers? Put your hacking skills [1] to the test in Devaamo Summit’s hacking challenge.

The hacking challenge is not a coding competition or something that you need to do exclusively and miss the rest of the summit’s programme. The hacking challenge is a series of puzzles that require different tactics and skills to solve. Without giving away any of the puzzles, the idea is simple: In each of the puzzles the goal is to somehow find an url, a username and a password that gets you into the puzzle. And no, we are not going let you solve this by simply sitting in front of a computer.

So what do you need to take a whack at the puzzles? Gear wise you are going to need a computer, running your favourite operating system, a SSH client and a web browser. In theory a mobile phone or other device would work too. The other thing you need to do is to register to the competition at the summit’s info desk where you will get the first clue.

The hacking challenge puzzles are made available from a server running on the summit’s network. The first clue given from the info desk is the server’s ip address. Please note that the challenge server is only accessible from the summit’s network.

§1 The jury has the final say
§2 Maximum team size 2 persons
§3 Challenge server is open on Saturday from 9am to 3pm
§4 Evidence for solving the puzzles need to be given before the time runs out (You’ll get more info on this from the first puzzle)
§5 The team that solves all the puzzles first wins or the team that has solved the most puzzles when the time runs out.
§6 Prizes are given out on first come first served basis so you’ll get to pick your your prize from what’s left on the loot pile.

We’ll again, with the help of our sponsors, provide interesting gadgets as prizes

Happy hacking!

[1] By a hacker we do not mean someone who breaks into computer systems and wreaks havoc.